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From Paige
I was in Chicago and the Saturday matinee had just ended. So I went to the stagedoor in hopes I'd meet someone from the cast, and i had pretty much thought there was no way i'd meet Annaleigh. So i met Vicki Noon who was Elphaba and after that everyone left but 3 other people. One of the ensemble guys was sitting in the alley eating a salad and I over heard him say that Annaleigh normally takes a short nap then comes out, and he said she'd be out in about 20 more minutes, so I ofcourse freaked out! So I sat there talking to my dad and turned around because I heard the stagedoor open, sure enouch it wsa Annaleigh!! I was in complete shock!So she talked to the other 3 people then was starting to leave and I just walked up to her and said, can I have you autograph? And she said sure, and looked around her purse but said I can't find my sharpie or a pen. So the people that were leaving loaned their's to her. She does sign her name in a way I cannot figure out! I should have paid closer attention, but I could barely look her in the eyes let alone focus on her autograph! My dad told her that I just adore her and she said, "awe, thanks" and laughed. Then we took a picture and I told her she did really good in Legally Blonde and asked if we could take a Delta Nu sign picture, she said ofcourse. So I started to do the Delta Nu sign and then she started to do the Mad Props sign so I quickly did that, then she looked at my hands kind of confuzed at what was going on,then we just both did the mad props sign. It was so funny! She is just the nicest person ever! And she is a lot shorter than she looks! She is one of those people that in person are short and petite but their face is so pretty that it's like she needs to be bigger to have such a gorgeous face! Then we said bye to each other and she got on her phone and left the alley, crossed a street and just walked into a restaurant, as if she hadn't just starred in Wicked, and done amazing! No one even noticed who she was! The perfect thing I did after that to fulfill meeting Annaleigh, was to get the same Jamba Juice she got opeing night of Legally Blonde, a rasberry rainbow with a shot of immunity and a shot of energy.

From Chrissy and Jennifer
Encounter #1 – January 13, 2008:
We were at the Wicked stage door and met a lot of other cast members. Annaleigh was second to last (last being Steph). After David left or was at the end of the line, the stage door opened again and everyone went “Yayyy” again. It was Annaleigh!!! Ahh I died!
The award for nicest performer at the stage door goes to… Annaleigh Ashford. And I’m not just saying that cuz she’s my favorite. She was as sweet as can be. She spent time talking with everyone. She was so cute talking to these little girls in the front of the line. And there was this one guy who kept saying how he taped Legally Blonde off MTV and watched it all the time and how much he loved her, blah blah blah… and she was laughing and joking around with him for a little bit. Then she was with the mother/daughter next to us. And then she got to us.. =).
She got in front of us and was like “Hi!”
Jen said that we loved her in Legally Blonde and she said “thank you.” But that annoying woman next to us kept talking to her so loudly and Annaleigh was replying back to her, so we were like waiting to get a word in, lol.
I completely blanked on what I was planning on saying to her. But I took a picture of her and Jen. And then she signed my playbill. A lot of the ensemble and other cast members took up so much room on my playbill so she kind of went off the page and her reaction was so cute. She stopped and then tried to squeeze it in there and finally got it, lol. and then I took a picture with her. And when we were done, she looked at us and said thank you and “Have a good night.”
She did that with each and every person. She took time signing/taking pictures and speaking with everyone. And then she would thank them and tell them to “have a good night.”
She was talking and joking with the people after us, but I don’t remember anything specific. Well.. one person asked if Steph was coming out and Annaleigh said something like she has to shower all that green off her something, haha.
Annaleigh was sooo nice, personal, sweet, adorable, funny, cute.. you name it. And she was taller than I thought. Not TALL tall, just a little taller than me. But I always imagined her as this adorable LITTLE girl, but yeah.. It was amazing to meet her!

Encounter #2 – 5/11/08 – Annaleigh’s last show:
So after meeting everyone else from the cast, about 45 minutes had passed and Annaleigh<3 came out. Yayyyyy.
She had a couple friends with her. She looked so cute! She thanked everyone and was so gracious – you could tell it really meant a lot to her to have that support from us. She is such a sweetheart. She chatted with everyone and signed/took pics.
When she got to us, I was in heaven. She signed each of our playbills. I was watching her sign mine very closely because she has the weirdest signature ever, haha. Jen asked for a picture and she was like, “Sure, where are we looking?” All cute and bubbly. And we showed her we had our camera out (I was taking the pic). Then Jen asked if could do “Mad Props” (like from Legally Blonde) and she laughed and was like “Sure!” Her doing that made my life. Jen said, “I love the mad props!” haha. So yeah, she did the “Mad props” gesture and posed for the picture, but before I made sure Jen was doing it too! I was like, “Hey, you do it too!” And she did. I was just smiling so much taking the picture because it was the cutest thing ever. Then I asked if I could have a picture too and as she leaned closer to me, I was like, “Should we do this too?” and did the map props sign and she was like, “Yeah!”
After, we thanked her for the picture and she was all sweet and saying “Thanks so much.” And right before she moved on, I said, “We’re gonna miss you.” And I really meant it. And she looked back up at us, gave the cutest, most sincere look, and replied, “Awww, thank you.” And then we said our goodbyes and she told us to “have a good one,” hehe.
And then we left, happy as ever. I have no idea when she’ll be coming back to Broadway so I don’t know when I can see her perform again. So I will miss her. It was an honor to see her last show and meet her again though.

From Dawn
I met Annaleigh on Oct. 25th at the current cast meet-and-greet at the NBC Universal Store.
SO nice, I can't even BEGIN to say.
I was pretty much shaking when I walked up to her, and I went on about how Margot was my favorite LB character, and how amazing she was in the role, and my mom said her face lit up; and that she looked so genuinely shocked, because Margot isn't the hugest role. She and the rest of the cast also went on about how adorable my Wicked fan of a brother (2-years-old) was. I LOVE Annaleigh, she's amazing, and adorable.

From Nanci
I was fortunate enough to not only attend high school with Annaleigh, but I was also in a jazz choir and chorale choir with her for a few years. She was talented then, and is even more so today. I wish her all the best!

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