Press Conference + America's Got Talent

By Heidur 09 Sep 2009

Sorry for the delay in this, I planned on posting it a few days ago but work has been crazy and I haven't been able to get online for a few days.

The cast of Cirque Vaudeville will be performing at America's Got Talent. The episode is suppose to air on September 16, I'm not sure if Annaleigh is a part of this but I sure am hoping so.

Also, today is the press conference in New York where the show finally reveals its name! The cast will also present a small number from the show. Hopefully Annaleigh will be at that as well.

New Gallery Layout

By Heidur 23 Aug 2009

I've just changed the gallery layout. I was getting sick of the other one and since I was upgrading all the scripts, I thought Id give it a bit of a makeover.
Im also gonna put up a new site layout hopefully later in the week.

Another Vaudeville Video

By Heidur 13 Aug 2009

Check out this weeks Vaudeville video, over here. It features quite a bit of Annaleigh this time!

Vaudeville Video

By Heidur 10 Aug 2009

Check out this great new video about the new show Annaleigh is doing. It gives you a little insight into what Annaleigh is actually up to these days. It shows her a tiny bit.

Check it out here

Hopefully more videos will show up in the future :)

Thanks so much to Alana for sending me this!

No more Haute & Bothered

By Heidur 14 Jul 2009

Well Haute & Bothered has sadly aired their last episode so there wont be any more Monday goodies. I will be adding the last remaining episodes to the download page hopefully later this week so you can all watch it over and over :)

But you guys have to check out this hilarious video of Annaleigh dancing to the theme song of the show.

Pictures + Icons

By Heidur 05 Jul 2009

I've added a few new pictures to the gallery. Check them out over here
And I've also added some new icons you can check out over here.

I'm sorry things have been slow lately. Annaleigh has been in rehearsals for her new show, but we still have Haute & Bothered every Monday :)

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