AIDS Run & Walk

By Heidur 09 Sep 2008

Thanks to Lindsay for letting me know about this, Annaleigh will be participating in the 2008 AIDS Run & Walk Chicago. The run takes place September 20 and her fellow cast mates from Wicked will also be there.

You can learn more about this here and also, you can donate sponsor Annaleigh by clicking on this link

Country Dinner Playhouse

By Heidur 07 Sep 2008

Annaleigh use to be a part of a theater in Denver called Country Dinner Playhouse and the other day there was a reunion. Annaleigh unfortunately missed it but fellow member of the theater read a message from Annaleigh. This is what she had to say:

"What a blessing to have been a part of the CDP family. I learned how to do eight shows a week, how to run a spotlight and how to keep from breaking, even when Paul Dwyer is attempting the splits in a pair of tight-fitting black jeans in the final scene of 'Grease.' "

You can read the full article here

Quote + Review

By Heidur 23 Aug 2008

Just a bit of a random update today.
I stumbled upon an old review at today plus a really cute quote from Annaleigh.

The review is from the time Annaleigh was in Feeling Electric:
...especially Annaleigh Ashford as the dark-humored neglected daughter. ("Taking a semi-automatic and shooting as many popular kids as possible is really the only sane response to high school.")

And the quote thing is from the 2007 Valentines Day special that has every years. They ask Broadway stars what their favorite love song is and this is what Annaleigh said:
"Losing My Mind" from FOLLIES. It's a little uncertain, as love so often is!

Also, in the next few days I will be adding a new special section to the site. So keep checking back for it :)

New Videos

By Heidur 10 Aug 2008

I have added 4 new videos to the site. Three of them are interviews and one is from the time she sang at FAO.
Check them out at the bottom of the page over here

I had to remove the comments, so now the only way to comment is through the Chatbox on the side. I was getting so much spam and it was getting hard to delete them all the time. Sorry I had to do this, but this scripts isnt very good when it comes to blocking spam.

Big Update

By Heidur 06 Aug 2008

Well there is a bit of an update today for you all.

First of all, Annaleigh is featured in the trailer of Rachel Getting Married and its quite the funny scene. You can check it out over here.
I've added screencaptures from the trailer to the gallery, thanks to Brooke.

Sex and the City movie has a release date now for the DVD. It comes out on September 23 in the US. Not sure about the UK and other countries. You can pre-order your copy over here

In site updates, I've added some new Top Affiliates and updated the fanlisting.
Paige sent in her story of meeting Annaleigh and you can read it here. I've also added her pictures to the gallery.

In gallery updates, I've added the trailer captures from Rachel Getting Married, a few Stage Door Pictures, 2 pictures from Taste of Chicago and excitingly enough, a new proshot from Wicked! Check them all out by checking the last uploads

Ill have a big video update in the next few days :)

Addams Family

By Heidur 04 Aug 2008

Ok I guess I can talk about this now since Playbill has gone and posted an article about it :)

Annaleigh will be reading for Wednesday Addams in the workshop for The Addams Family that will be a part of the 2009-2010 Broadway Season.
The reading takes place Aug. 4-8 and are expected to lead to a private industry presentation later in the week.

For those who don't know, this doesn't mean Annaleigh will be in the final cast of the show. Its only the workshop.
For more info on this, you can read the full article over here

I have a bigger update for the site that will come later tonight :)

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