New Pics + Co-Web

By Heidur 01 May 2008

I've added two new pictures to the gallery. They are from the FAO Schwarz 'Wicked Dolls' signing and performance.

Also, Emma is going to be helping me out with the site from now on. She'll probably introduce herself later smile

New Pictures, Graphics and Emmy Nominations!

By Heidur 30 Apr 2008

I'm sorry that the news section was down for a while. I've been trying to change the script but it hasnt been working out so well.

I have done a bit of an update though today. There are 9 new icons made by me, 5 new bookmarks made by me and the May Calendar

There are also a few new pictures in the gallery.
1 from Second Stage Theatre's 20th Annual All-Star Bowling Classic event
3 from Legally Blonde Rehersals
2 from Behind the Scenes of Legally Blonde
1 Wicked Curtain Call

Also some Legally Blonde news. Since Annaleigh was in the MTV Recording I thought I'd post this.
The MTV Recording of the show has been nominated for 2 Daytime Emmy Awards!

1. Outstanding Special Class Special
2. Outstanding Special Class Directing

The awards ceremony is on Friday, June 20th in Los Angeles. To read the full press release click here


Birdland Recordings!

By Heidur 25 Apr 2008

Some great news!!!
2 songs have just been added to Annaleigh's official myspace!
They were recorded when Annaleigh did her Birdland concert and I've been told that another song will be added shorted biggrin
The songs already up are called Beautiful and Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters

Everyone go over and listen to the songs. She does an amazing job! I so wish I could have been there.

New Icons

By Heidur 21 Apr 2008

Brooke donated 33 Legally Blonde icons and I've just added them to the Icon page.
Since we had so many icons, I've split them up on two pages. This way its faster at loading for those with a slow internet connection.
You can check out the new icons over here

Oh and I'm just about to upgrade the gallery since people's sites were getting hacked and I don't want that to happen to my sites. The gallery will be down for just a few minutes while it upgrades. Shouldn't take longer then 20 minutes tops. Just wanted to let people know in case they went to the gallery and its a mess smile


By Heidur 18 Apr 2008

I've put a new layout on the gallery. Thanks so much to my friend Linny for making the banner.
I've had to do a little change on the gallery. You have to register now to be able
to view the pictures. It was getting so much spam that Ive had to do it this way to prevent that.
It only takes a few minutes to register and its of course completely free!
Click here to register now.

New Layout

By Heidur 17 Apr 2008

As you can probably tell, I have changed the layout. I made it and I hope you all like it. I wasnt sure if I should use the new headshots or the Birdland photoshoots so I made two layouts and this one looked much better smile So headshots it is! upsidedown

I'm making a new gallery layout right now so go to the gallery later on today and it will have a new outfit smile

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