New Pictures

By Heidur 31 Dec 2007 asked some Broadway stars what their new years resolutions were and this is what Annaleigh said:

"My New Year's resolution is to look up more often than I look down. I can't remember the last time I looked at the clouds or the stars. Sometimes you forget to when you're walking around in New York City. (I just hope I don't step in any dog poo!) I also need to cut back on the Diet Coke!"

They also went back stage with Annaleigh and took some pictures of the Christmas decorations. There were a couple of pictures of Annaleigh so I've added them to the gallery. To check the rest of the pictures out click here

A movie part!

By Heidur 30 Dec 2007

I had heard Annaleigh filmed some parts in two movies and I have just found out what one of those movies are. Its called 'Dancing with Shiva' and it starres Anne Hathaway.
Annaleigh has a small part in it, actually a girl in a 7/11 smile
It comes out next year and this is what the plotline is:

"Dancing With Shiva" is a contemporary "drama with an aggressive sense of humor" about the return of an estranged daughter to the family home for her sister's wedding. Kym's (Hathaway) reemergence throws a wrench into the family dynamics, forcing long-simmering tensions to surface in ways both hilarious and heartbreaking. "Dancing With Shiva" paints a colorful, nuanced family portrait and is filled with the rich characters that have always been a hallmark of Jonathan Demme's films

Icons and affiliates

By Heidur 30 Dec 2007

I've done a bit of an icon update today. I made 12 new icons and then Emma donated 5 icons.
Check them out here

I also added some new affiliates smile

New Pictures

By Heidur 28 Dec 2007

I've added 2 new pictures to the gallery. They are from backstage of Wicked when Annaleigh was on the tour. She looks super pretty as always so check them out biggrin

My friend Jasmine went to see Wicked in New York the other day and she took a picture with Annaleigh, Ive added it to the gallery smile
If you have any pictures with Annaleigh I would LOVE to add them to the site! Please email me at

Icons and affiliates

By Heidur 14 Dec 2007

Today I added some new affiliates and 5 new icons by Molly.
I also added a couple of new pictures to the gallery a few days ago that I forgot to post about. Check them out over here


By Heidur 13 Dec 2007

I got approved for Annaleigh's fanlisting so I've put it up. Thanks so much to Christy for making the blend in the layout. biggrin

Join the Fanlisting

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