By Heidur 26 Nov 2007

I've put up two games on the site. The first one is Seek the Word. I dont think I have to introduce this game, everyone has probably played it smile
You can check it out over here and the second game is called Sliding Puzzle.
I actually suck at this game, but maybe someone else is good biggrin
Check it out over here

Are you all interested in some games? I have a few others I could add like tic tac toe, memory and puzzles but want to know if people would like them or not. Please comment or email me upsidedown

Big update

By Heidur 26 Nov 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates on my behalf. Its the last week of school before finals so its a little crazy.
I have however done a bit of an update today.
Dawn sent me her story of when she met Annaleigh, you can read about it here and she also sent me two pictures from the same day and you can view those over here
Misha also made me an amazing new wallpaper, I've added it to the Wallpapers page.
I also added a new bookmark. a new icon and a lot of new affiliates

Also, two other new pictures in the gallery. One from Legally Blonde rehearsals and one unknown.

New Event

By Heidur 20 Nov 2007

Annaleigh is scheduled to perform at a fundraiser on November 25th to aid the victims of Hurricane Noel, which has devastated portions of the Dominican Republic.

Annaleigh will be performing with Stephanie J. Block, Sebastian Arcelus, Julia Murney, Tituss Burgess, Carole Shelley, Leah Hocking, Marty Thomas, Brandi Chavonne-Massey, Kathy Deitch and The Broadway Boys.

SOB's is located in Manhattan at 204 Varick Street at West Houston. Tickets, priced $50, are available by visiting, or SOB's box office and the show time is 7:30 PM

Source and more information

New Pictures

By Heidur 19 Nov 2007

I've added a few new pictures to the gallery. Thanks to Mischa for two pictures that he took at the stage door of Wicked in New York.
Others are just random pictures from Wicked back stage, Legally Blonde and a few others. Check them all out over here
If any of these are yours and you want credit or them to be taken down please let me know smile

New Layout!

By Heidur 16 Nov 2007

As you might notice, we have a brand new layout. I was really bored with the other one and I got some inspiration one night when I was bored so I made this!
I really hope you all like it. I also recoded most of the site, big thanks to Caroline for helping me out with some stuff heart
I've also added 4 new HQ pictures to the gallery.

2 from Legally Blonde on MTV - Pink Carpet and
2 from Broadway in the Valley (Im not entirely sure what this event was actually called so if anyone knows please email me the correction)

Ps. the site looks better in Firefox then Internet Explorer.

HQ pictures from Wicked Day

By Heidur 12 Nov 2007

I added 12 HQ pictures from Wicked Day in New York. Big thanks to Lucy.
We also have a new layout coming soon.. I dont really like this one up

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