Reviews - Sex and the City by Erica
Sex and the City Movie
with Annaleigh Ashford
Written By: Erica Nickerson

The movie based on the romantic-comedy television series of Sex and the City, has taken movie theaters across the world by storm. Millions will rush to see the long awaited movie that critics have been raving about. The television series of Sex and the City became a phenomenon with its first episode being recorded almost ten years ago. The series has been off the small screen for a while now (almost four years), but the success of the show has not stopped. The movie recruited a cast of hundreds of actors for a variety of parts. Our very own Annaleigh Ashford was one of them.

Although Annaleigh's part was small, this is a huge stepping stone for the young talent. Annaleigh, decked out in designer wear, played an overly self-indulged, spoiled label queen interviewing to be Carrie's (Sarah Jessica Parker) new assistant. She responds to Carrie in her "Margot" voice that "no she does not lift boxes" and that "she would love a career in fash-ion." Then, Annaleigh continued to proceed and point to her Starbucks coffee and complain that oh my God her coffee is -" not non-fat."

Just a year ago, Annaleigh was performing at the Palace Theater in Legally Blonde. She has grown so much over the past year and can now be seen on the big screen across the world. So what's next for Annaleigh? I guess we are all going to just have to wait and see what is in store for her. But I can bet, that there are going to be infinite amounts of opportunities for Annaleigh throughout the rest of her long career.

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