About the Staff

Name: Heidur Maria
Birthday: November 27th 1987
Home: Keflavik, Iceland
Email: heidurmaria@gmail.com
Other websites: Site Collective
Languages spoken: Icelandic, English, Danish, German and Spanish
Interests: Broadway, Movies, Website design, Reading and Traveling
Fan of... Annaleigh Ashford, Kristin Chenoweth, Laura Bell Bundy, Jayma Mays, Idina Menzel, Mary Matilyn Mouser and more

Name: Emma
Birthday: May 8
Home: Boston
Email: maya5892@aol.com
Other websites: N/A
Languages spoken: English, some Spanish, can read Hebrew
Interests: Broadway, photography, fashion
Fan of... Annaleigh Ashford, Jon Groff, Sylar Astin, Blake Bashoff, Beky Gulsvig, Laura Bell Bundy, John Gallagher, Jr., and many more :-)

Name: Erica Nickerson
Birthday: March 17, 1989
Home: Connecticut, but originally from Tennessee
Email: ericanickerson089@yahoo.com
Other Websites: N/A
Languages Spoken: English and some Spanish
Interests: Broadway, Dance, Singing, Traveling, and Writing.
Fan of... Annaleigh Ashford, David Burnham, Marissa Perry, Laura Bell Bundy, Christy Candler, Jennifer Lewis, Blake Bashoff, and many more!

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