Annaleigh Ashford
FAQ - Who is Annaleigh?
Who is Annaleigh?
Annaleigh is only 23 years old but she has acomplished so much in a short time! She is a Broadway singer and actress and is currently in Wicked - the most popular Broadway Musical today!

Where have I seen her before?
Many people might recognise Annaleigh as Margot in Legally Blonde, a role she originated. She was with Legally Blonde untill September 2007, but then she took over as Glinda in Wicked.

Where will I see her next?
Currently Annaleigh is taking on the role of Glinda in the Chicago Production of Wicked. You can also see her on the newly released DVD, Sex and the City the Movie and in the upcoming Anne Hathaway movie, Rachel Getting Married.

How can I get Annaleigh's autograph?
Your best choice would be sending a letter to the theater where she performs at. Check out the address here

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